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1995 GMC TopKick

Automatic, Air Conditioning, AM/FM Radio.  New Serpentine belt, recent batteries.  Unbelievably
great condition.  While I did help a family member move from Arkansas to IL and a friend from IL to
Wisconsin and a few others locally, this truck basically stayed in a shed the rest of the time I had it.

I have a full service manual set for this truck.  Yes, this used to be a Ryder truck, but mine scored the
highest on the dyno test of the 200+ they had on the lot at the time.  The CAT 3116 runs really good
and has plenty of power.  You could probably sell the engine out of it for more than the price of the
truck.  I've seen used 3116 engines listed for over $14K.


Location:  Illinois, Ford County            $11,000

Contact:  Roland Hughes




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